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  • Jesse Herrera

Launching Grow Southeast

Did you know there are six urban farms right here in Tarrant County producing food? To aid in Commissioner Brooks’ vision to improve well-being in Southeast Fort Worth, Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration and CoAct partnered to develop Grow Southeast, a cohort aimed at addressing food and economic inequities in Southeast Fort Worth, one farm at a time.

Since 2018, we have worked with six community members in Southeast Fort Worth to help in developing over 13 acres of land to be used for local urban farming. While each farm has its own unique charm and niche, they all support a healthier and more prosperous East and Southeast Fort Worth.

Utilizing the urban agriculture ordinance initiated by the City of Fort Worth and the Blue Zones Project in 2016, we can take land otherwise zoned for residential, commercial, or industrial uses and turn it into robust agricultural operations. We have spent the first year learning how to effectively navigate the municipal process, becoming intimately familiar with the nuances. With each success we are documenting the process and working with the City of Fort Worth to help streamline the process, so replication of our results is easy and consistent for any community member in Fort Worth.

Through our work we hope to improve the access and abundance of healthy food in East and Southeast Fort Worth by launching and creating new opportunities for community owned and operated urban farms. It is our vision to see East and Southeast Fort Worth as a renowned community for food, culture, and well-being for everyone, everywhere.

If you would like to learn more about Grow Southeast or how to get involved, please feel let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!

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