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Mind Your Garden

Urban Farm

A​bout the Farm

The Mind Your Garden Urban Farm is located in the Glencrest neighborhood of Southeast Fort Worth, Texas. Glencrest is in a food desert where fresh and healthy foods are scarce, and fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and liquor stores are abundant. The founders, Steven and Ursula Nuñez, purchased the 3.5-acres property in 2013 with a dream of starting a sustainable and thriving farm in the city.

In 2015, Steven attended a week-long agriculture training workshop, Armed to Farm, hosted by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT). The workshop was designed for veterans interested in agriculture; the training was a life-altering experience. He learned more about the food and health crisis our country is currently experiencing, and how farmers are actively making a difference by providing local and healthy food for their communities. This workshop also introduced him to the therapeutic potential of farming – not just for veterans, but for all people.

This event ignited a burning desire to return home to begin working on the farm. During the next few years, Steven and Ursula continued their research, and began experimenting with a small garden, planting fruit trees, and developing the infrastructure throughout the property. In 2016, with a renewed purpose, Steven decided to return to graduate school to pursue his degree in landscape architecture. Here he was able to merge his passions of agriculture and design - utilizing his coursework to further his research toward creating healthy, safe, and sustainable communities through farming and social engagement.

In December of 2018, Steven graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Master of Landscape Architecture degree. His thesis titled, “Addressing Issues Relating to Food Deserts Through Empowerment,” focused on researching the local food desert where he resides, and ultimately developing a design proposal for a community garden in the Glencrest neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas. The design of this garden is currently being finalized with plans for construction later this year in Southeast Fort Worth.

For 2020, Steven and Ursula are excited to implement their years of research and training into the farm. This year, they will be farming on approximately ¼-acre with plans to expand to 1-acre by 2022. Their immediate goals are to use the next few seasons to learn and experiment with different crops and growing techniques. Long-term, their mission is to contribute to the development of healthy and vibrant communities through farming, social engagement, and self-sufficiency training and education.

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