Maudia Farms

A​bout the Farm

A gardener for over 50 years, Mrs. Maudia is a Fort Worth community member who has set out to address food insecurity while also educating the younger generation. After watching the way that food deserts affected her community,  

Maudia decided to take matters into her own hands and turn her small personal farm into something the whole community could benefit from. Using her expert gardening skills, Maudia is seeking to provide high quality, locally ­grown fruits and vegetables for her community that will bolster both health and a greater appreciation for the earth. Her vision for her garden is ambitious, and aimed at improving the lives of those around her. 

By growing healthy foods and introducing locals to better ways of eating, she hopes to increase community nutrition while also sharing the joy of eating and preparing healthy fruits and vegetables.  Working in conjunction with The Friends of Cobb Park, Maudia aims to teach local youths about where food comes from, how it’s produced, and the differences between plants, even going so far as to build an area of raised garden beds so small children with disabilities can participate.


Maudia considers gardening to be a form of therapy, and an opportunity to sit and get acquainted with nature. It encourages creativity and relieves stress, no matter how rugged or raw the earth may seem. Starting on just 1/3 of her property, Maudia plans to expand the farm more with each consecutive year, using each expansion as a means to explore new varieties of produce to grow and eventually small livestock.